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Finnish nature is every traveler’s dream destination in all seasons. Tahko has an ideal environment for hiking and trail biking thanks to the diverse and comprehensive route network, well-available route maps and color-coded signs. Tahko offers many great and peaceful nature trails for people of all levels not to mention the purest air in Europe. Bring always a water bottle with you and dress appropriately for the Finnish weather. Here is our top pics for the summer!


Take a walk down the easy access loop of Tahkolahti with beautiful views to Lake Syväri and Tahko slopes. The tour begins at the pontoon bridge continuing over the lake and round the bay back to the starting point. Follow the blue signs. Difficulty easy. Length 1,5 km. Campfire site along the route by the beach. Suited for visitors with bikes, wheelchairs and strollers. 


On this circular route just in two hours, you get to climb the longest stairs in Finland, admire the scenic views and enjoy the special atmosphere of Huutavanholma conservation area. The route follows pontoon bridge, Tahko stairs, left across the slopes into the woods. Continue following the green sign posts back to the starting point. Difficulty moderate. Length 4,4 km. Be cautious of slippery rocks and roots during damp weather conditions.


Versatile hiking tour of Tahko through beautiful forest paths, amazing views, rest stops and Huutavanholma conservation area.  The route follows pontoon bridge, Panorama chairlift lower station, ski doo track up on the hill, Huutavanholma, Nipasen kota, Peipposharju, Korpipelto, Tahko bay. The trail is marked with sign posts and red paint. Difficulty moderate. Length 14,4 km. Rest stops on top of Tahko hill, Nipasen kota and Taukotupa. Due to some steep and tricky parts of the trail, we recommend taking sturdier shoes with you. 


Spend your day in the outdoors enjoying tracks through lovely forest paths, countryside gravel routes and viewing points. The tour of Rahasmäki is the longest and challenging route with ascending and descending sections. The route begins pontoon bridge,  Panorama chairlift lower station, Hiekkoniemen kota, Rahasmäki, Välimäki, Nipasen kota, Taukotupa, Peipposharju, Korpipelto, Tahko bay. Follow the sign posts and black markings. Suited for moderate riders/hikers. Length 19 km. After rain the path can be partly muddy or wet. Rest stops in Lastenrinne, Hiekkoniemen kota, Rahasmäen laavu, Nipasen kota and Taukotupa.


We also recommend exploring the Pisa and Kinahmi nature trails in Nilsiä!


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