Super Summer Break

Super summer in Tahko!

SuperCorner Tahko unites people of all ages and fitness levels! The indoors activity park is a joyful experience equipped 365 days a year with fun activities to explore;

-Game area featuring ice hockey radar, SuperBall and basketball games

-Freestyle hall with air track tumble mats and trampolines

-Adventure area with climbing walls, slides and a pedal car track

Price from 48 € / person / night


Included in the price:

-accommodation in hotel Ukko, apartment Vietti or Golden Resort villas

-SuperCorner Tahko one day wristband all day access



Book your Super summer now / 017 483 200.



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Liity Tahko Chaletin sähköpostilistalle

Saat parhaimmat tarjoukset ja tuoreimmat uutiset sähköpostiisi kohteistamme Golden Resort, Piazza, Ukko sekä Vietti.


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