Tahko Oktoberfest accommodation & tickets

Tahko hosts the traditional Oktoberfest held 27th to 28th of September 2019 in the tent outside restaurant Piazza for the 11th time in a row. Each year the event has grown bigger offering traditional Bavarian food and malted beer along with live music from Finland’s top bands. This year on Friday POPEDA takes the stage, a true rock band in Finnish history. Huge success in the USA and the world, we are excited to have performing to us on Saturday country music stars STEVE ‘N ‘ SEAGULLS!



2 person Ukko rooms from 315 € / person / 3 nights
4 person Ukko rooms from 259 € / person / 3 nights

4 person apartment Vietti from 285 € / person / 3 nights

8 person Golden Resort semi-detached villas from 259 € / person / 3 nights

Prices include accommodation and tickets to the festival.

Oktoberfest recommends pre-ordering dining, ask more details from our sales office sales@tahkochalet.fi or call +358 17 483 200.


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Liity Tahko Chaletin sähköpostilistalle

Saat parhaimmat tarjoukset ja tuoreimmat uutiset sähköpostiisi kohteistamme Golden Resort, Piazza, Ukko sekä Vietti.


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